Published Date: January 10, 2022



21 x 15 cm


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This book is a continuation of our previous book, The Political Economy of Indonesia-China Relations 2020, which was published last year. The main objective of this book is to understand the different dynamics of Indonesia-China relations in 2021. It attempts to offer an analysis of various important events that occurred in the past year as well as providing recommendations for alternative policies that can be carried out by the government, relevant agencies, and other stakeholders in order to ensure that the relationship between Jakarta and Beijing are mutually beneficial for the two parties.

Some of the chapters in this book have been published by international media such as Asia Sentinel, The Diplomat, The Conversation, and The ASEAN Post. We hope this book can open a new window for readers to see the dynamics of Indonesia-China relations from various perspectives. The author hopes that this work can become a reference for students and researchers who are interested in foreign policy issues and the politics of international cooperation.


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